50 Assorted Nymph Flies

Includes: Nymph, Beadhead Nymph, Wet, Scud, Streamer, & Worm Flies


wooly bugger olive streamer fly
bead head copper john red nymph

Price: $30.99

san juan worm
scud orange fly

Price: $31.99

The essential selection of nymph flies if you're fising for trout, steelhead, or salmon. There are enough assorted flies in this package to allow you to nymph fish just about any freshwater river or stream all year round.

The fly patterns and sizes chosen in this set are the most effective patterns and are a must have in every fly fisherman's fly box. This selection of flies will allow you to fly fish anywhere in any season with success.

* Barbless and de-barbed fly fishing flies for the discerning and conscientious fly fisherman. Note: Park regulations may require use of barbless hooks at the location you are fishing. Please check with your local park ranger for fishing restrictions.

__Fishing Fly Details:_________________________________________________
Flies are hand tied with the finest fly-tying hackle available and are quality inspected to ensure pattern consistency. We use Mustad hooks for all flies.

The craftsmanship and quality of our flies and fly boxes are equal to world-class retailers like Orvis, Cabela's, and Umpqua.

__Package Set Details:_______________________________________________
  • (25) Beadhead Nymphs
  • (15) Nymphs
  • (5) Wet Flies
  • (2) Scuds
  • (2) Streamer Flies
  • (1) Worm Fly
__Fishing Fly Images:_(Click picture to enlarge)____________________________

(25) Beadhead Nymphs (One of each pattern and size)

bead head brassie copper nymph
bead head brassie green nymph
bead head brassie red nymph
Brassie Copper #16, 18
Brassie Green #16, 18
Brassie Red #16, 18
bead head copper john nymph
bead head copper john red nymph
bead head hares ear nymph
Copper John #14, 16, 18
Copper John Red
#14, 16, 18
Hare's Ear #14, 18
bead head mayfly nymph
bead head pheasant tail nymph
bead head prince nymph
Mayfly #12, 14, 16, 18
Pheasant Tail #14, 16, 18
Prince #12, 14, 16, 18

(15) Nymphs (One of each pattern and size)

hares ear nymph
hares ear flashback nymph
march brown nymph
Hare's Ear #14, 16, 18
Hare's Ear Flashback
#12, 14
March Brown #12, 14
mayfly nymph
pheasant tail nymph
stonefly black nymph
Mayfly #12, 14
Pheasant Tail #14, 16
Stonefly Black #8, 10
stonefly yellow nymph
Stonefly Yellow #8, 10

(5) Wet Flies (One of each pattern and size)

blue wing olive wet fly
coachman wet fly
march brown wet fly
Blue Wing Olive #14, 16
Coachman #12, 14
March Brown #12

(2) Scuds (One of each pattern and size)

scud orange fly
barnsley blank picture
barnsley blank picture
Scud Orange #12, 16

(2) Streamers (One of each pattern and size)

wooly bugger black streamer fly
wooly bugger olive streamer fly
barnsley blank picture
Wooly Bugger Black #8
Wooly Bugger Olive #8

(1) Worm Flies (One of each pattern and size)

san juan worm
barnsley blank picture
barnsley blank picture
San Juan Worm #10



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